The Proceedings

We are happy to announce that the both PURPLSOC proceedings are finally ready for shipment. Please use the following form to purchase a printed version of the edited anthologies, each for the special price of 20 Euros (plus 5 Euros for shipment). You may also download the books for free.

The proceedings for the PURPLSOC2017 conference are currently produced.


purplsoc_buch2 peter_baumgartner_buch2
VOLUME 2 – Proceedings PURPLSOC 2015
Peter Baumgartner/Tina Gruber-Muecke/Richard Sickinger (Eds.). 2016. Pursuit of Pattern Languages for Societal Change. Designing Lively Scenarios in Various Fields. Berlin: epubli.Download

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VOLUME 1 – Proceedings PURPLSOC 2014
Peter Baumgartner/Richard Sickinger (Eds.). 2015. PURPLSOC. The Workshop 2014. Designing Lively Scenarios With the Pattern Approach of Christopher Alexander. Berlin: epubli.Download



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