Yearly Archives: 2018

PURPLSOC 2017 Proceedings Online

The PURPLSOC 2017 Proceedings – a comprehensive perspective of current pattern research and practice – are online and can be downloaded for free at the PURPLSOC website. The PURPLSOC 2017 Proceedings offers an overview of the newest developments in the application of the pattern language approach of Christopher Alexander in different domains, such as education, […]

Are there “Patterns of Humanity”?

Are there patterns of humanity? The paper of David West looks at humanity, individually and collectively, to explore the question if there are patterns in the sense of a generalization or abstraction that is constant across cultures although each culture interprets that pattern differently. West states “In our efforts to build large-scale habitable complex systems […]

Video: Christopher Alexander’s Search for Beauty in Architecture

Christopher Alexander’s search for beauty in architecture, and in the entire man-made environment, was the focus of the 1st PURPLSOC 2017 Keynote presentation by Max Jacobson “A Building is not a Turkish Carpet – Patterns, Properties and Beauty”. Jacobson studied architecture at Berkeley and worked at the Center for Environmental Structure with Christopher Alexander for […]

How can Experts and Laymen Generate Better Architecture Together?

In participatory urban design, how can the interaction of experts and laymen generate better architecture? In his paper, Aurelio David shows that using pattern language together with building mockups, when integrated into a piecemeal, multi-level, pyramidal mode of participation, successfully elicits local knowledge throughout multiple stages of a design process. “Such artifacts empower citizens with […]