Conference Abstracts

Group A:

A05_A Pattern Language-Early Models


A37_The Production of Cities


new_A46_Service Systems Thinking

Group B:

B01_Guiding Patterns Of Natural Design Principle Elements

B02_Rhetorical Framing for Pattern Analysis

B03_The Fundamental Behavioral Properties

B07_A Bird’s Eye

Group C:

C04_Pragmatic Media

C14_Pattern Language and public participation new

C15_Designing Survival Behavior for Earthquakes with Survival Language

C19_Leveraging Pattern Applications

C20_The cooking language

C21_Creating a pattern language for the unrecognized Bedouin villages in the Negev, Israel

C24_Strawtown – unfolding a temporary settlement through living process

update_C26_UP and Out-Oregon Tsunami Wayfinding Survival

C33_Words for a Journey – A Pattern Language for Living well with Dementia

C39_Japanese Spiruality and pattern language

C44_What can be done to make the pattern content more accessible

Group D:

D18_Fostering Changemakers with Change Making Patterns

D36_Living inside the Language Architecture, Education and Society

update_D38_Undiscovered Patterns

update_D45_PLAST_A Fourth Generation Pattern Language


WS01_A Perfomative Pattern Language

WS02_Pattern Card Workshop

WS04_The Schwabencenter – sharing the experience of sustainability and diversity in an urban community

WS05_Bridging pattern languages for social innovation via systemic patterns

WS06_ Sharing Experience, Ideas & Best Practices of Pattern Mining with Groups and Individuals


Hermann Czech

Howard Davis

Wolfgang Stark

Takashi Iba

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