The PUARL Conference 2016

With the successful completion of the first three International PUARL Conferences at the University of Oregon in Portland in 2009, 2011, and 2013 (in cooperation with ARUS), and the latest conference carried out in cooperation with PURPLSOC, the ‘World Conference on Pattern Languages’ at the Danube University of Krems in Austria in the summer of 2015, the PUARL Conference Series has reached a new level of interdisciplinary involvement and a new international format and organization. The annual conferences will continue to alternate between Europe and the US covering the large and growing body of work in the emerging discipline of Regenerative Processes in our Urban Environments. We at the Portland Urban Architecture Research Laboratory are therefore pleased to announce the next conference entitled ‘The Regenerative City.’ It will focus on various aspects of regeneration in the city, the nature and quality of evidence based approaches to urban challenges (including the pattern language approach), and planning and design issues that we are facing in urban environments and buildings throughout the world today. This conference will take place October 28-30 in San Francisco, CA in cooperation with PURPLSOC, the Collaborative for Inclusive Urbanism (CIU), and the University of San Francisco (USF).
The PUARL Conference provides a forum for researchers and practitioners from a variety of fields as well as for the broader public to come together to present and discuss theories and their practical applications.

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