Preparatory Workshop 2014

“Pattern Languages and the Nature of Order“

Prior to the international conference PURPLSOC in July 2015, a two-day preparatory workshop was hosted at Danube-University on November 14/15, 2014.

Taken from the ideas of Christopher Alexander, the workshop focused on the many ways in which patterns can be applied to a wide range of working and learning environments to support life, beauty, and wholeness. The preparatory workshop fostered the central idea of the PURPLSOC Conference: applying the pattern approach to many disciplines and areas of the life-word. Life as a complex web of relationships, as an emergent process over time, and as a human feeling will be discussed in such different fields like complexity theory, pattern theory, learning, architecture, sustainability, and social activism to name just a few of the interesting research questions. We demonstrated how the Alexandrian pattern approach can be applied to many contemporary societal discourses and debates.

The focus of the discussion and for the publication were the 4 volumes “The Nature of Order” and especially the living process with its (15) properties and their structure-preserving transformations in order to unfold wholeness.